I Putu Tulus Karmadi S.H., is an Indonesian lawyer and advocate. He specializes in matters involving, but not limited to: property matters (both during pre-due diligence, due diligence, and post), family matters (including marriage, divorce, mixed-marriage, and related visas), labor law, and criminal related matters.

His extensive experience in both civil and criminal matters, provide him with an array of experience to best consult with clients on the most advisable way to proceed with a particular situation, either through consultation, or engagement of his advocacy abilities.

Putu’s experience in a variety of legal areas of law both with the Indonesian courts, as well mediating matters without the need for litigation, allows him to address a client’s needs and/or reduce the likelihood of future disputes.

His position as both a lawyer and an advocate allows him the ability to not only advise clients, but also to help with arbitration, mediation, and/or litigation in partnership with an authorized Indonesian law office.

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