Every individual must have a proper visa to enter Indonesia. Depending on the purpose of your entry into Indonesia, different visas will apply. EBC Business Consulting can assist with finding you and office space with the appropriate licenses and permits and in the appropriate Regency as required by law. We can assist you with identifying and deciding which visa best fits your personal needs, as well as helping you to obtain the required visa and documentation.

Indonesia has strict requirements regarding a foreigner’s ability to stay and/or work in Indonesia. EBC Business Consulting can help find you and office space with the correct licenses and permits and in the appropriate Regency as required by law and we can assist with the acquisition of the proper visa/permits for foreigners, specifically with regard to the following:

1. Work Permit (IMTA)/Working KITAS (KITAP)

Every foreigner who wishes to work in Indonesia and obtain an income here (in whatever form), must have a valid work permit and work visa, sponsored by a legally authorized Indonesian legal entity.

2. Spousal KITAS / Retirement KITAS/ Artist / Entertainment KITAS

There may be other temporary stay permits which apply to your particular needs in Indonesia, including, but not limited to: Spousal KITAS (KITAP), Retirement KITAS (KITAP), Artist/Entertainment KITAS, etc. Please contact us for further information should one of the above apply to your particular needs.

3. Business Visa

Those individuals who wish to visit Indonesia for business purposes, such as – attending seminars, work meetings, business negotiations, etc., can apply for a single or multiple entry Business Visa.

Please note, a Business Visa does not allow you to work and/or earn income in Indonesia and must be sponsored by an Indonesian legal entity. It is not a manner in which individuals should attempt to circumvent the IMTA/KITAS process in Indonesia.

There are two (2) types of business visas currently available, these are:

a. Single Entry Business Visa

This visa is extendable up to 6 (six) months, however, should you leave the country during the period of your visa, it will automatically be cancelled.

b. Multiple Entry Business Visa

The multiple entry business visa is available for up to one year. You may leave the country as many times as you want during that year and the visa remains valid, but you must fly out of Indonesia every 60 (sixty) days.

Please contact us if you are interested in sponsorship and/or application for a single or multiple-entry business visa for further discussion.

4. Social Visa

A single-entry social visa is available for up to a total of 6 (six) months for individuals who wish to come to Indonesia for social, research, or educational exchange purposes. Please note, and individual is not allowed to work while on this visa. In addition, you must be sponsored by an Indonesian citizen.

As Indonesian Laws and Regulations are easily subject to change, it is best you contact us to obtain the most up-to-date information at the time of any visa application.